The Process

It starts as a rough concept, perhaps a shape that captivates my attention, that evolves into a sketch before I sit down at my workbench with intentions to create. As the designer and sole bench jeweler for this company, I oversee every detail of the process to assure quality and craftsmanship, while also eliminating the need to outsource parts of the process, decreasing its carbon footprint. Each piece of jewelry made in my studio is hand fabricated, hand carved then cast in house. Assembled and soldered, adorned with set stones, and hand polished to perfection with meticulous detail. This craft has become my practice over the years, and I like to bring about a sense of mindful meditation to my workspace, which I wish to transcend into material form through my pieces. 

Video coming soon!

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Meet Ana

Born and raised in a border town in TX, big skies, mountainsides and neon colored sunsets were backdrops for daydreaming, and always creating. Whether it was poetry, a song, or a painting I can say I have been in love with the process of creation from a young age. I explored various different forms of expression, but was lucky enough to discover my passion for metalsmithing early on and Graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Metals, and then further pursued another BA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY graduating in 2015. Ana Aguilar Jewelry was launched the following year in 2016, as a dedication to my craft and educating consumers on the transparency of the jewelry industry. Seeing a lack for authentic handmade pieces using the traditional techniques in the jewelry world, and the vast misconceptions, my mission is to allow people to connect with the maker and see the process. Everything you welcome into your life was a frequency, a vibration, and in the fast fashion world there is no knowing what your truly supporting, or what kind of energy you are bringing into your life, and the world at large. It is my intention to produce from recycled materials, using responsibly sourced stones and practicing ethical metalsmithing techiques, to ensure the integrity of each and every piece. Thank you for joining me on this journey! I'm always open to sharing, and connecting, you can find me working, spending time with my family, or enjoying our hometown in Austin TX on my Instagram stories

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